Data and analytics.
It's what we do.

Analytics8 helps organizations make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information.

Our Approach- The A8 Way

  • Vision

    We take the time to understand your long-term vision. It's the only way to make meaningful forward progress.
  • Prioritization

    We help prioritize your requirements and ruthlessly pare them down into manageable blocks of work. It's how we deliver tangible business value while building toward your long-term vision.
  • Efficiency

    We efficiently deliver short iterations while maximizing opportunities for your business users to provide their input. Because the right input equals the highest efficiencies.

7 Reasons to Work with Analytics8

Instead of listing our awards, citing top-level partnerships, and identifying big-name clients (all things we're proud of), here's what really makes Analytics8 genuinely different, and better.

  • We Know Analytics.

    All we do is business intelligence.  And when that's all you do, you become very good at it. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what's coming next in the business intelligence industry.

  • We Build Custom Solutions.

    We don’t sell talent. We don’t sell boxes of software. We build solutions. Your solution includes the right mix of consulting, training, support, and software. And when there isn't an off-the-shelf solution in the market to fit your needs, we'll create one like QlikMaps, System Profiler, and UniverseBridge. All are examples of some of the custom-built solutions we've developed when nothing else was available.

  • We Work Fast & Efficiently.

    We don’t have to tell you that time is money. We deliver in days or weeks, not month-long cycles. By partnering with us, you achieve real business value in a very short turn. That puts you on the fast track to long-term success without wasting time and money on systems that don’t deliver.

  • We’re 100% Onshore.

    A lot of consulting firms offer offshore development as a way to lower project costs. Sounds theory. But at some point during the engagement you'll want to directly communicate your concerns and objectives with your consultant at your side. Which is why everything we do is onshore. Our team works face-to-face with your team to design, develop, and implement custom BI solutions.  In the same room, on the same page. Isn't that what partnerships are all about?

  • We’re Not Just Technicians.

    Admittedly, we're data nerds with deep technical skills. But here's the thing, we understand that technology is simply a tool, an enabler. It's what you do with it that matters. Of course we know how to use technology, but what we really know best is how to use it to solve business problems.

  • We’re Industry Specialists.

    Data is data - regardless of the industry. Yet every industry has its own unique analytics needs. Our consultants understand the unique challenges that exist across a wide range of industries. Many have spent years working within companies that span a variety of industries. As a result, we bring direct and relevant front-line experience and apply that deep industry knowledge to develop solutions that will work for your business.

  • We Fix Broken Projects.

    If a project's been botched or abandoned and we're asked to fix it, we don't mind. In fact, we love a challenge. Regardless of how complex your data or environment is, or how tangled up the situation is, we can help fix it.

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