Adding Smarter Sales and Reporting at GE Intelligent Platforms

  • Built a data warehouse with core reporting.
  • Built a sales universe which included reports that consolidated CRM data.
  • Developed a long-term business intelligence and data warehouse roadmap.

GE Intelligent Platform (GE-IP) used as its customer relationship management tool but needed a way to better track lead conversion, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and product sales. The company also wanted a reporting platform that integrated several SAP ERP modules (AP, AR, INV) and related data.  

Analytics8 used SAP Rapid Marts to build out a data warehouse and core reporting, and also used SAP Data Services to extract data from into a data warehouse. We then built a sales universe along with reports that consolidated and made sense of the company's CRM data. Additionally, Analytics8 worked with GE-IP’s business intelligence and IT leaders to develop a long-term business intelligence/data warehouse roadmap that defined a structure for business intelligence activities, ensured initiatives were aligned to business objectives, and provided a consolidated view of the company's data, specifically designed for reporting and analysis.

GE-IP gained deeper insights into its sales process, enabling the company to deliver more targeted and effective campaigns, improve its products and pricing, and identify markets with the greatest potential for success. Additionally, the company saved on its overall investment. Analytics8 built a full business intelligence/data warehouse solution at 25% of the overall cost of the solution GE-IP was originally pursuing.

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