Putting Power Behind Customer Service Improvements

  • Built a web-enabled scorecard that utilized two preexisting, well-defined relational source systems.
  • Created a solution that enables executives to have visibility of customer satisfaction by highlighting issues and allowing for a quick response.

SCANA Corporation executives needed a better way to track meter reading accuracy and call-center performance, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of customer billing. Its existing system required IT intervention and it took hours or days from the time an information request was issued, until a response was received. 

Most of the information needed was already being stored in a Teradata warehouse, but some information was stored in an operational call center system. Since there were two well-defined relational source systems, Analytics8 determined that the best way to approach the project was to use the existing sources and build a web-enabled scorecard.  The views and universe were constructed in such a way to allow one report to serve as a parameterized “template” for all similar reports. This approach reduced the required number of reports from hundreds to about 15.  

The scorecard gave SCANA executives the visibility needed to improve customer satisfaction. It uncovered a number of issues such as dishonest meter readers and unnecessary billing delays, which were quickly fixed once the problems came to light.

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