A Healthy Dose of Business Intelligence is Just What the Doctor Ordered

  • Created an integrated data system that gives the decision-makers a more responsive reporting environment and allows them to drill into data across various systems.
  • Eliminated the manual data process that improved efficiencies and allowed the hospital to further manage operations and make key decisions.

Schneck Medical Center has its data housed in various sources, which have only been integrated through manual efforts and Excel sheets. Accessing financial information was not easy and IT was a bottleneck for all report requirements. The organization needed a more responsive reporting environment that allowed decision-makers to drill into the data and integrate data across different systems.

Analytics8 integrated data into QlikView from the medical center's various sources, such as Meditech, Kronos, Core metrics, as well as market share data. The resulting business information from QlikView allows leadership to get better insight into the medical center's operations and spend.

The elimination of manual data entry was only the beginning of improved efficiencies for Schneck Medical Center. With a quick view of daily metrics and patient level data, the hospital was able to further manage operations. Leadership leveraged the reports to make key decisions such as which service lines to focus on based on market share information; how to better manage its spend and identify which cost reduction initiatives to target; and used productivity analysis to maintain correct staffing levels.

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