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For most people, running 73 races in their lifetime is a lot. But running 73 races in less than a year? Good luck finding someone to sign up. There is one man though. And did I mention, he’s 70 years old?

For most people, running 73 races in their lifetime is a lot. But running 73 races in less than a year? Good luck finding someone to sign up.

But Chuck Aron is doing exactly that.

Did I mention, he’s 70 years old?

Chuck has run throughout his life and got this crazy idea when a friend of his celebrated their 30th birthday by running 30 races and joked around saying, “Hey Chuck, why don’t you do it too?” 

What started as a casual challenge, evolved into something much bigger than himself. 

Chuck has run his races for the past several years in memory of his brother in law, Paul who passed away in 2001 at age 58 as a result of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Since Paul would have been 73 a few weeks after Chuck turned 70, he decided to run 73 races and raise donations for the alzheimer's association. 

“My brother in law was a project manager for AT&T. When they built a new facility in Ireland, he oversaw that project. But towards the end of his life, if you handed him a cookie, he didn’t know what to do with it. It’s tough on everyone when you see this brilliant and fun loving guy that became just a shell," Chuck shared.

So since March, Chuck's weekends are stacked up races and he is litterally running all over the greater Chicago area. In just 3 months, he completed more than half of his 73 races! 

The end goal is not actually about the races, though. It’s about bringing awareness Alzheimer’s Disease and raising donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. This is where he invites everyone to join him.

“Here’s the challenge, I’ll do the running and you do the donating – and together, we can #ENDALZ,” Chuck says on his website,

Chuck says he is encouraged by the support of the Chicago running community and many other’s generosity to support him through this year of races. However, he hopes to see more donations come in to support the Alzheimer’s Association so they can continue to researching ways to stop this horrible disease. 

“I want people to know what Alzheimer’s is, how bad it is, and to donate so they can do research to eradicate it. Alzeheimer’s is a fatal disease which has no cure. You can slow it down, but you can’t stop it. And it sucks.”

His end goal is to raise $73,470. As of fourth of July weekend, he's about 15% of the way there after completing 58% of his races. 

We want to help him in this goal by bringing awareness. So, what do we do when we see data? Find a way to visualize it so you can easily consume the data, of course. 

We tracked the miles run, the average pace, the accumulated distance and more for Chuck to visually see the huge scope of his goal. 

Visit to learn more and donate to #ENDALZ! 

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