BusinessObjects Admin Toolkit

Our BusinessObjects Admin Toolkit helps administrators better manage a SAP BusinessObjects deployment by exposing comprehensive information from the SAP BusinessObjects enterprise repository.

A Powerful Toolkit

Quickly compare report output between different SAP BusinessObjects installations to uncover inconsistencies or errors.

The Report Valid8tor automates the running of reports so you can easily compare and evaluate reports in an earlier version of SAP BusinessObjects with reports in a converted or migrated version of BusinessObjects. Automatically comparing the reports eliminates the need to manually validate important data in different versions of SAP BusinessObjects. A test that would previously take hundreds of man hours to analyze only a sample set of reports is now completed in a matter of hours.

Use Report Valid8tor for:

  • Automatically compare report datasets pre- and post-migration
  • Mechanize report regression testing, saving you time and money
  • Access report datasets through SDK, and write output to CSV and database
  • Obtain proof that reports produce exact same content in the old version vs the new version
  • Compare datasets (every column, every row, every data provider)
  • Compare row counts
  • Run pre-built exception based reporting (pre-built summary and detail reporting)

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